Good to be together!

I’m Gregg, Elaine’s husband since 1990. I’m also Aubrey, Hayley and Natalie’s dad. As a pastor, I write something most weeks that makes its way here…and sometimes I find the time to address other things that pique my interest.

In 2005, I started blogging. It’s gone through various incarnations, and today is known as “out of doubt”. Some of my favorite posts are here, while my most viewed posts are here.

My mom’s dad, Robert Buster Keethler, was one of the kindest people I’ve ever known. He’s also been a bit of a mystery in our family, a quiet man who didn’t share much about his life. I’ve been on a quest for over a decade to discover what made him tick, including research on a sabbatical in 2013 (funded by the Lilly Endowment). I’m slowly plugging away on a book project, Finding Papa.

Thanks for stopping by! The sidebar has links to recent posts, and the full archives and categories are at the bottom.

One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Pastor Mike Huber led worship at FCNL annual meeting many years ago. He was spirit-led in his message and our worship was a joy for this unprogrammed Friend. I expect West Hills Friends are saddened yet affirmed in their faithful witness. If anything this will serve to deepen their understanding of the pain that those in the LGBT community often experience when who they are results in being banished from their family. There can be nothing more difficult than finding the constant loving relationship you counted on was not the truth. I am so very sorry for all involved. Life is short and difficult and we need each other.


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