Can we WHAT?

So, it’s last Saturday, and Elaine and Talli are out. I get a call.

“Can we buy a puppy?”

Now, I’ve been known to be impulsive before. I bought the stupid, useless piece of garbage that was SUPPOSED to be a handheld, rechargeable carpet cleaner specifically designed for pet stains, called the Spotlifter. It should have been called the SpotSPREADER. But Elaine…Elaine is not impulsive, and she knew we had a plan. Our plan, for a long, long time, has been 1. to get Aubrey toilet trained and then 2. buy a puppy in the summertime.

It was a good plan. A clear plan. Step 2 follows step 1. And, just to be clear: 1. We’re still buying Huggies and 2. IT ISN’T SUMMERTIME!

We chucked the plan.

So, now, we’ve got an 8 and a half week old Cairn Terrier/Jack Russell Terrier mix, named Jack (after very briefly flirting with the names “M&M” and “Skittles”). And he is cute, and smart, and the kids love him, and the cats hate him, and now we have to take a puppy outside in the middle of the night.

Flood (Live) from the album “Furthermore: From The Stage (Disc 2)” by Jars Of Clay is playing on iTunes.


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