Format change

I got tired of the formatting problems with the old blogskin, so I’ve switched to a (modified) blogger provided format. Might change in the future!


2 thoughts on “Format change

  1. Ooooh, pretty! If you want to get a MT blog, I know a certain Admissions IT guy who can set you up: knows a place that’s got lots of cool skins. You just need a domain name and host – he’s always lookin’ for another reason to tinker around the computer (and I don’t mind, cause he usually takes the Little Man at the same time – everyone wins!). Look forward to hearing more coming out of your gambling blogging. 🙂


  2. I’m too lazy to get a domain name and host it. What looked really cool were the ways you were filing/coding things, and they showed up on the side. THAT, I covet! Ask the J man if he can make blogger do that.


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