Ha! I got an art house movie!

Vindication is a nice thing. Read an interview with the director of the movie last night here. Listen to this:

The interesting thing is that here are people who are poor, under-privileged and often ill-educated people who because they live in a culture that is so dense and saturated with Jesus, redemption and sin, have a kind of articulacy that the equivalent people back in England wouldn’t have because they don’t think about the world in such a consequential way. That’s what makes a culture that on the surface looks rough and thin and under-privileged and bigoted, increasingly look rich and dense and textured to us.

And make sure and read the interview with Jim White. Check out this great quote:

By viewing the world through the church, intensely, passionately, with spirit and mind, I see the world through a pair of what I call Jesus glasses. If I take the Jesus glasses off, I’m blind. The difference between me and the other people in the South is real simple: with every step that I take and every word that I utter there’s a little subtitle which says, “Don’t take it too seriously because I’m wearing Jesus glasses”. I can’t take them off. I can’t not see the world through that context, but I can remind myself that it’s a tainted context of the world.

I’m heading to a continuing ed conference for pastors tomorrow, and don’t know if I’ll have internet access. If not, it’ll be Sat. night at the earliest for me to blog again.


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