I’m not sure why I made “Determination” the title of this message…but oh well. It’s on John 12, the cross, and surrender. Here’s the link

I had a great discussion with Marta after the service about some of her thoughts on this exact subject, and she’s got a great blog post about it here. Enjoy!


One thought on “Determination

  1. &**((&^$% How do you do this? HOW does something you, whom I’ve never met, wrote, hundreds of miles away, for a church community I’ve never been to, speak to my condition? I didn’t even contribute to your online discussion last week because I wasn’t prepared to face how this passage might connect to me. I didn’t see it before. But &&*((Y^##, now I can’t avoid it. Thanks a lot.

    Sarcasm and sincerity mixed together don’t come across well on the internet, I’m afraid. But I can’t help it. And apparently I can’t spell any cusswords either.


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