Called…Into His Glorious Light

Northwest Yearly Meeting began its annual sessions over the weekend, so at NFC, we had the privilege of hosting many people from around the Pacific Northwest. My leading for what to share changed on Friday, as the book of 1 Peter helped me personally. So yesterday, I shared some of our wonderful history as a Yearly Meeting, and some of what God is doing in me. Here you go


5 thoughts on “Called…Into His Glorious Light

  1. So, what were you originally gonna share? You can’t say you changed your message and not expect some inquisitiveness. . .

    I’m glad you put up the link to what you did share. I didn’t hear much Sunday: my ears were melting. 🙂


  2. I’m so glad that I can now envision what it is like to hear you say these words where you are. Although, I don’t mind that I’m reading it in only 80 degree weather…


  3. Having visited NFC several times over the past decade or so, I must say the research you did on the early Friends in Newberg and the Willamette Valley fascinated me. Isn’t it wonderful to examine the primary sources of where the church and the meeting began? The souls that followed God’s leading to begin this work?

    It must have been a delightful experience for you and from reading your posts, the results of the grounding or, maybe just the sense of the past and your place in the present, seems to have made an impression on one archivist/rare books librarian, but I’m sure so many others (at least I sincerely hope so).

    BTW, your post on why you are a Christ-centered Quaker spoke to me and I am sure countless others. We communicate from faded letters over 100 years old and through solely electronic communication. The message is the thing (albeit the digital aspect of this communication gives me pause as to preservation for the next 100 years!).

    I appreciate your presence out here in the blogosphere!


  4. But Robin, isn’t 80 in SF the equivalent of 100 up here? Did the fog actually burn off? 🙂

    Thanks, AJ”s aunt! In another life, I might join you as a archivist/rare books librarian. Do they actually pay you to be among those books? How do you do anything useful? I’d just sit there and read, and read, and read…


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