…is my 20 year high school reunion. I’ll see John and Aaron and Todd and Theresa and Lisa and Kathy and Kathi and Jim and Paul and Bob and Rick and, in a pretty amazing feat, enough players from my baseball team to cover everything but 2nd base and right field (according to the RSVP list). I’m looking forward to it…more to come.


One thought on “Tonight…

  1. What a cool reunion blog! I had a great time at my 20th reunion in August. All Quincy High School reunions must take place during the Plumas County Fair, I think it’s a county law or something. 🙂

    I had more fun than I expected. One of the most interesting things was talking to the wives of some of the boys I went to school with, some of whom were two or three years younger than us in high school, so I never actually talked to them back then. But then we had perfectly grown up conversations. (It sounds funny to say the “wives” of the “boys” I went to school with, but I still think of them as boys, even though they look all grown up now.)

    Hope yours went well.


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