I have blogstipation. It’s not writer’s block. It’s too much that needs to come out.

And if Elaine reads this, she’ll be disgusted. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Blogstipation

  1. I would have thought that as the mother of three, she’d have gotten over her disgust at all potty-related words. But maybe it’s just because she didn’t have boys. How’s that for a sexist comment? Sorry.

    Anne Lamott wrote a book about writing once, she called it Bird by Bird. As I vaguely remember, the main point of the title is to just take things piece by piece. Don’t worry about starting at the beginning, don’t worry about writing something good – just write something, and then something else, and then see how far you’ve gotten.

    When I got back from FGC and Newberg, I had so much to write, I wrote it out in one long, enormous piece. Chris helped me see that maybe it should be three posts, or six, but I couldn’t have known where to break it up until I had written it all out, in one story, as I experienced it, and then afterwards formatted it better for blog readers.

    Dunno if this is helpful or not, but I will hold you in the Light.


  2. Dear Greg,

    Please don’t stop blogging. We don’t know each other but I found your blog by searching for help. I ask God to help me get my life in order, help me to know what is wrong and right and give me strength to do the things i should and the knowledge to know what i should be doing. i was asking god for help in my life and miraculously i came upon your blogs about 2 minutes later and they have helped me tremendously. i put in the search bar “practical ways to help your life” and since i am interested in gardening, i saw “practical gardening” and clicked on that. i believe God is helping me through your blogs because they are so meaningful. it was like God answering my question and it really touched me.

    thank you,


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