Living on the Other Side of Lent

Yesterday, we spent some time reflecting on our experiment of observing Lent as a community. I asked us to consider whether some of how God worked in us through Lent might need to continue in to “normal” life.


One thought on “Living on the Other Side of Lent

  1. My first reflection, upon finally reading this, was that it was you, dear Friend, who first introduced me to Diet Coke with Lime. I want to finally thank you. I think I’ve been using it responsibly, like once a week or so, as a sweet treat without calories, but still knowing that it contains plenty of artificial ingredients that I don’t really want in my body.

    This is not a very deep response, I’m sure, to the real question of how to find the right balance between discipline and enjoyment of life.

    What I am most inspired by is your (you and your community) willingness to experiment with old traditions to find what life and power they still have to transform us into disciples of Christ, and then reflect on it intentionally and openly.


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