Dad or mom?

The latest rage rampaging the blog world is a “look like” site. It uses face recognition to see if a child looks more like mom or dad. The first time I did it, all three of our kids looked equally like mom and dad. I thought it was broken. After playing with it awhile, I still can’t get Aubrey to look like either one of us, but I’ve skewed the results for Talli and Hayley to go opposite of what I think is true:

MyHeritage: Celebrity CollageFamily history

MyHeritage: Celebrity CollageFamily tree researcher

MyHeritage: Celebrity CollageVintage photos

What do YOU think?


3 thoughts on “Dad or mom?

  1. I’m with you, Gregg, especially after seeing the pictures of the “young” Haworth family: Hayley fits *right* in. Perhaps it has to do with the posture of the faces? . . .

    There’s no question in my fam: eldest is his daddy’s boy, and youngest is his granddaddy’s (and no, it doesn’t have to do with amount of hair present). 🙂


  2. I agree with the meter
    Talli looks more like her mom
    Hayley looks moree like you and
    Aubrey still has too much of a baby face to tell.

    And another opinion, just because we are giving them away today

    Those beautiful pictures of your daughters are not beautiful because of your camera equipment!


  3. I uploaded various pictures to this myself and couldn’t get it to say what is so obvious to the rest of us…Hannah=mini-me…Meira=young, female Bryan. I think it’s broken! But I sure wasted plenty of time playing with it:)


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