Today's update

Well, gang, I did real good there for awhile, didn’t I? The commitment to Barclay Press helped me blog more, and it carried over for a good 2 or 3 days. It’s tough finding time to blog.

A week ago Sunday, I had an interesting experience preparing for worship. On Friday, my leading was to deviate from my normal pattern and NOT prepare a manuscript for what I was going to stay. Instead, I felt like I should be prayerfully prepared to share as God led in the moment on Sunday. Our focus was Psalm 51, and the open door that forgiveness and repentance is to life with God and real life. I chickened out some on Saturday night and scripted some, but I was obedient enough to not take it with me when it was time on Sunday. I think it was important for me to do that, and I felt like I was faithful. But it means I don’t have anything to post on the blog.

This past Sunday, Johan and Judy Maurer shared, very helpfully, about their call to Russia. It’s the first of four Sundays where I am not the one bringing the message. My plan and hope for this time has been to get out of the office and out of the regular routine to think and pray and dream about our next steps at NFC. Unfortunately, my plan hasn’t been realized well yet. We’ve had several deaths and health emergencies in our church family that have caused me to change the plan. That’s been mostly ok…except for yesterday. So if you think about it, you might pray that I deal with it well if my expectations aren’t met.

Finally, happy 40th to friend Robin! I’m honored to call you my friend, and hope the years ahead offer you continued opportunities to minister in the many ways you already do.


One thought on “Today's update

  1. Perhaps you could see it as a gift that you have more than usual time to get out of the office and be with these families through their deaths and health emergencies. Perhaps this could be part of preparing the ground for dreaming about the future.

    Thank you also for the birthday greetings. I got to tell someone again just yesterday about how blogs led me to worship with you in Newberg two summers ago and the many blessings that have been part of this journey.

    Which reminds me that long walks and running and showering are also ways of opening different kinds of space in your brain and soul. Especially if you allow some time afterwards for recording your new insights. Sometimes our seemingly disparate goals can work together towards a greater good.

    Holding you and NFC in the Light,


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