Favorite Posts

Here are some of my favorite pieces on the blog.

Self Reinforcing Cycles explores how difficult it is to open ourselves to different experiences (content warning: sexual abuse themes).

My journey after ending my time as a pastor:

My last sermonRevisiting an old prayerChristmas Eve in New ZealandThe Shape and Smell of Grace….Risking Community

From the later years of being a pastor:

How does a Christian think about and interact with pop culture? Flee, Embrace…or Sift?

Justice is something I care deeply about. I spoke and wrote about it on the holiday when we honor Martin Luther King Jr.

I ran out of gas, and it taught me about privilege.

I’ve loved J.R.R. Tolkien since I was in third grade, and I spoke about how these writings shaped my faith. (Here’s another piece I like which I wrote about Tolkien’s creation account in The Silmarillion.)

Lessons about myself from my sabbatical in 2013.

Back in the blog golden age, the more prolific era of Gregg’s Gambles (2005-2007):

One summer night I tried to get the heart of my faith journey into words. That led to one of my biggest bursts of creativity the next evening.

Up to this point, the piece I’ve written that’s been shared the most is a list of the top ten reasons why I’m a Quaker. It began here (you can click your way forward through them all, or see them all in one place here.)

I’m not as funny as I think I am, but one of the comedy pieces I’m most proud of is “An Evening to Forget“. Not too far behind is “Airplanes and Smelting“.

What do I dream about in regard to writing?

One theme I often write about is trying to understand myself. This one is about leadership, while these reflections came after my twentieth high school reunion.



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