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These are the things I’ve written which have been viewed the most.

Our denomination is very divided over God’s intention for human sexuality. As a result, some of what I’ve written in response has been shared more broadly and these have become the most read pieces. My suggestion for a “Way Forward” came first. Then, I wrote about how it isn’t Unbiblical to ask and question and study about how the bible should be interpreted. When things got particularly difficult in our denomination, I wrote about God’s love for all people, and this has been far and away the most read piece on the blog: You Have Value. You Are Loved. About the same time, old allegations of sexual abuse came to light, and it led me to speak and write about When We Hurt.

Some Evangelicals, including our church, have a history of abstinence from alcohol. How do we make decisions about that? Intentional Thinking vs. Default Thinking: Alcohol and Marijuana.

A piece written by my daughter’s roommate got me thinking about how “Millenials Leaving the Church is Not the Problem“.

When Rob Bell got slammed on the internet for writing Love Wins, I wrote “Bell? Hell? Well…” about how Evangelicals functionally use the idea of hell.

Is Christianity about who’s in and who’s out? I argued “no” with “Who Are We to Exclude?

What makes marriage last? Is it worth trying? I explored that with “Marriage Forever?”

Running out of gas made me understand privilege. “Wearing the Right Clothes

Ferguson, Missouri erupted in more rioting when Officer Darren Wilson was not indicted. “Justice” was the theme the following Sunday, the first Sunday in Advent.

Two of the times I’ve spoken about sexuality made the top ten most read list: “Who Are We…As Sexual Beings?” and “Sexuality in Context


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